Adelaide became the capital of South Australia in 1836 and the city was planned by Colonel William Light with wide streets in a grid like pattern.

The plan carried the city through to today without needing major road reconstruction. This shows the incredible foresight that Colonel William Light possessed.

Today Adelaide is a bustling, yet reserved city, with a population of around 1.1 million inhabitants. A beautiful city of wide streets surrounded by parks and gardens with the River Torrens meandering into the Gulf of St Vincent.

There are a multitude of interesting things to do and places to see in Adelaide and visitors always enjoy a tour to the world famous Barossa Valley, which is one of the most famous wine growing regions in the world.

A trip to Glenelg on the historic tram is a must for all tourists and through the pages on this website we will endeavor to showcase the best Adelaide tours, great accommodation plus other interesting things that you and your family may enjoy while on holiday in this vibrant city.

One of the worlds greatest travel destinations is Kangaroo Island. If you are coming to Adelaide for any reason, make sure you add a day or two extra to your itinerary for a tour. It is an environment that is second to none and at least a day trip to this unique island is highly recommended.

Adelaide is also known as the Festival City with many special events throughout the year. From the Adelaide Festival of Arts to the German Cultural Festival called Schützenfest, a fun filled festival of beer, wine, German food, dances and music, the festivities seem never ending.

So come and see Adelaide. Enjoy all the good places , events and sightseeing opportunities. Above all else, have a good time and take home lots of memories and consider returning again some day soon.

Things to do in Adelaide

Hahndorf Bus Tour

Discover beautiful Adelaide on this delightful bus tour of Adelaide attractions! Travel through the Adelaide Hills dotted with unique and historic villages.

Visit Hahndorf Village, Australia’s oldest German settlement and much more. This wonderful experience should not be missed!

This is the best way to go sightseeing in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Bus tour visits all the best Adelaide highlights with informative tour through the Adelaide Hills visiting the quaint German village of Hahndorf.

South Australia is a world renown wine producing state and this tour takes you through the heart of the prosperous district to the old-world settlement of Hahndorf, an historic German village which gave the region character and influenced the customs of the Adelaide Hills.

You can try some fabulous German pastries at the bakery or just enjoy the special atmosphere in this quaint town. Don’t miss this tour as it is really special.

Your tour also visits the top Adelaide tourist attractions and sightseeing highlights as your knowledgeable driver guide keeps you up to date with historic facts and lesser know information. Don’t miss this tour as it is one of Adelaide’s finest.

  • Departure Time: 1:30pm
  • Tour prices begin around AUD $66.00 per person for a 4 hour tour
  • Tour includes afternoon tea and full commentary by the coach driver
  • Tour ends around 5.30pm

This is an awesome afternoon sightseeing tour for all ages. The pinnacle of the tour by far is the visit to Hahndorf Village, where you can browse the authentic stores in search of a locally made, original souvenir.

St Kilda Adventure Playground

If you’re looking for a free family fun activity to do in Adelaide you can’t go past the St Kilda Adventure Playground. Only 10 minutes from Salisbury or 45 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD – the historic seaside town has an award winning free playground which includes large slides, boardwalks, mangrove trails, flying foxes and a variety of other childrens rides and activities. The area also includes ample parking, toilets and BBQ and picnic facilities so you can easily cater for parties and group days out. GM Real Estate awarded it’s annual “Salisbury Great” award in 2020 to St Kilda Playground for providing the local residents of Salisbury an outstanding community atmosphere which encouraged children to be active and build strong family bonds.

Kangaroo Island Day Tour

Kangaroo Island Tour takes you on an adventure where you will see a vast array of magnificent Australian wildlife. Fabulous family friendly tour with many options of travel to and from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo island is one of the most beautiful locations for family holidays just off the South Australian coast. With a diverse range of wildlife, magnificent scenery and safe swimming areas, Kangaroo Island is a peaceful respite from the hustle of city living.

Kangaroo Island is situated 80 kilometres from Adelaide and is Australia’s third largest island. It offers a unique day tour experience combining friendly native wildlife with natural, unspoiled wilderness. With options to cruise, fly, or a mix of both – there is a day tour that will suit every traveller.

Kangaroo Island is a magnificent, unspoiled, haven for a variety of Australian animals, home to the Wallaby, Goanna, Echidna, Koala, Kangaroo and a haven for marine wildlife, seals and seabirds. Your tour from Adelaide includes transfers to and from your departure point, lunch and the best guided tour of this natural wonderland.

Kangaroo Island is roughly 150kms long, making it the third largest island on the Australian Coast. (Tasmania and Melville Island are larger.)

Because of it’s relative isolation from mainland Australia, many animal species are native to the island and one animal found nowhere else is the Kangaroo Island Dunnart, a small carnivorous marsupial.

There are many koalas you can see in the wild. Koalas were introduced to the island and now threaten their own existence due to shortage of their favorite food caused by overpopulation. Certain measures to limit the koala population have failed and culling has been considered, but is not a popular option.

This day trip to the magnificent Kangaroo Island has many options to suit all schedules.

Choose between Cruising and Flying or a mix of both to make the absolute most of your holiday time!

Prices for Kangaroo Island Day Tour start around AUD $260.00 per person with tour duration being from between 10 – 16 hours depending on tour option selected at time of booking.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Country Style Lunch
  • Park Fees
  • Kangaroo Island ‘On Island’ Touring
  • Experienced tour guide / driver
  • If flight option selected – airport tax per sector (amount subject to change without notice)

Coorong Wilderness Day Tour

Bring your camera on this day trip to the harsh wilderness of the coastal strip of land called the Coorong. This fantastic tour is something that will be etched on your mind forever.

The Coorong Wilderness is a narrow strip of ancient coastal sand dunes that run 145 kms along the southern coast of South Australia. Featured in the film “Storm Boy”, the Coorong National Park is of incredible environmental significance located 152 km from Adelaide.

Now you can visit the Coorong Wilderness yourself and take an awesome Coorong Wilderness Cruise on this fabulous day tour departing Adelaide every Monday and Thursday. This is the best Adelaide day tour of them all and a visit to the Coorong Wilderness is a must on anyone’s bucket list.

Unspoiled by man the Coorong Wilderness is a National Park that is today tended to by it’s aboriginal owners, just as it was some 6000 years ago.

Join this bus tour from Adelaide and see the rugged beauty and complete isolation for yourself in an area they now call the Limestone Coast.

Depart from Adelaide and travel by coach through the the rich countryside of the McLarenvale Wine Region before arriving at the picturesque village of Port of Goolwa, nestled on the banks of the Murray river and Lake Alexandrina.

Here you will board the vessel Spirit of the Coorong to enjoy a delightful Coorong Wilderness Cruise in one of Australia’s best untouched areas. Have a delicious lunch, take a walk on the ancient sand dunes of the Coorong, thrill to the spectacle of thousands of birds in this most pristine region where the Murray River meets the sea.

A superb day tour of sightseeing and discovery in the wonderful Coorong Wilderness National Park. This tour will leave you with indelible memories of the pristine beauty of a natural beauty of the region and the ecological significance and need to protect such areas from degradation by man.

Coorong Wilderness Tour duration is 8 hours.

  • Coorong Wilderness Bus Tour includes lunch & afternoon tea
  • Coorong Wilderness Cruise
  • Guided walks of Coorong Sand Dunes
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off at selected Adelaide area hotels.