It takes more than one day to see all the sights around Sydney and a good option for travel is the Bondi Beach Bus. Taking in some of the best inner harbour bays, such as Rose Bay and Watsons Bay, and then going on to the iconic beaches of Bondi, Bronte Beach and Coogee Beach, the trip is an important link in the Sydney tourism chain.

The Bondi Beach Bus is a hop on hop off style which allows passengers the opportunity to take their time at particular stops. While an entire circuit of the bus route takes just on 2 hours to complete, buses pass each stop every 30 minute,s which gives more than enough time to properly enjoy each area. For example Watson Bay is not just a great scenic attraction, with small craft anchored just off shore and fabulous views of the city in the background, you can also grab some very delicious fish and chips from the famous Doyles outlet at the wharf, enjoy a stroll through the park and then take a walk along The Gap Lookout for fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean. You can hop off at stop 10, which is Watsons Bay and walk along The Gap path to Stop 11, taking in the wonderful ocean views.

There are also a couple of attractions where the bus will make short stops so passengers can take a few photographs. These quick stops are not official stops but are a very important addition to an excellent tour.

One of the most outstanding views of Sydney Harbour is seen at the Rose Bay Convent. The Rose Bay Convent was built in 1882 and sits high above Rose Bay, which is known officially as the home of the first Australian International Airport, being the starting port for the first international flights by sea planes. Now home to the Kincoppal – Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart, a short stop for photographs at Rose Bay Convent and magnificent views from this stop is one of the highlights of the Bondi Beach route.

The Bondi Beach Bus also passes the Macquarie Lighthouse. An imposing figure overlooking the ocean, the Macquarie Lighthouse is significant in that it is the first lighthouse built in Australia. There was a flag staff erected on the site just one year after the arrival of the First Fleet into Sydney Harbour. A sandstone lighthouse structure was completed in 1818 and was visible seaward for 22 miles. Due to poor quality sandstone, this structure had to be replaced and in 1883 the present lighthouse was officially commissioned. The bus driver will make a quick stop for a minute or so at the Macquarie Lighthouse so you can get a photo of the historic site.

Of course it’s Bondi Beach that is the centrepoint of the whole journey. This is Australia’s best know beach and is iconic, being the home of some of the most famous and influential people in Australia. The beach faces the open sea and at times can be quite dangerous, with powerful rips that can drag the unwary swimmer into dangerous waters. If you go for a swim at any of the beaches along the route, please swim between the flags and stay safe.

Bondi is a great place to stop for lunch as the Beach bus stop is right on the Esplanade, across the road from many food outlets and restaurants. There is a nice park on the foreshore and of course the beach itself is something of a major attraction in it’s own right.

After Bondi Beach you travel through to Bronte Beach, which is smaller yet very photogenic and then to the beautiful Coogee Beach, which is the last stop along the ocean. Coogee Beach is a safer swimming beach as there is a small rock outcrop in the bay which protects and calms the waters inshore. Very picturesque, Coogee Beach is a fabulous spot to grab a coffee and enjoy the scenery.

Once you leave the beaches, the Beach Bus takes you to stops at Royal Randwick Racecourse, Fox Studios and the Sydney Cricket Ground, then the fashionable Oxford Street, Hyde Park and finally Martin Place. There are 19 stops in all and you may board the bus anywhere along the route. Tickets are available direct from the driver with an all day pass costing around $39 for an adult and $19 for a child. (Prices are set by Sydney Buses and can change without notice.) Your ticket can also be used on the Sydney Beach Bus which covers the inner city attractions.

The Bondi Beach Bus is a fabulous way to see many of the tourist areas not within walking distance of the city. The price seems high, but once you take the tour, you can appreciate the cost involved of operating a specialist bus such as the Explorer. If you were to take a full day tour by bus to anywhere else around the country, the price would be considerably higher than this hop on hop off style transportation, plus you have the advantage of enjoying each stop for as long as you want, not tied down to a time schedule. It is actually exceptionally good value.

Plan on taking all day to get the most from the journey. We recommend taking as much time as you want to enjoy the sights at Watsons Bay and The Gap. The views are superb and this stop is probably the best on the route. The Bondi Beach Bus is highly recommended by us and is an important link in Sydney tourism transportation.

We also recommend starting early from Circular Quay to fully utilise the cost of the day ticket and to hop on and off at as many stops as possible. Sydney is a beautiful city and the Bondi beach bus takes you to some of the best places on offer.