Visiting Manly Beach

Wow. What an awesome week in Sydney. This was one of the most busy, yet memorable weeks travel we have undertaken for quite some time. Our reason for taking this trip was to create early morning photography at Manly Beach, particularly some slow water wave shots using a “Big Stopper” filter with slow shutter speeds.

Whale Watching Tours in Australia

It’s that time of the year where people along the east and west coast of Australia turn their attention to the sea. The warmer tropical climate of Queensland and north West Australia not only beckons those wishing to escape the colder southern winter, the yearly migration of Humpback, Minke and Southern Right whales from the

Rubyvale Gemfields

Some people like playing lotto, others like taking a punt on a racehorse and others like to dream of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If you spend some time fossicking in the gem fields of Central Queensland, you just might find that pot of gold. Who knows? At the

Visiting Airlie Beach

We were recently asked by an old friend from Perth if there was anything to do in Airlie Beach if they came to the area on holiday. They said that they knew the Whitsunday island resorts had plenty of things to do, yet have never heard that Airlie itself was somewhere a family could have

Perth Tours

Western Australia is a massive state with huge mineral deposits of iron, gold, nickel and natural gas, making Perth an important city financially with many of the world's leading mining companies making their head office within the city. Perth has amazing tourist attractions and hotel accommodation to suit the needs of all travelers. So come

Hobart Tours

Hobart is the Tasmanian capital and is a great holiday destination for both overseas and Australian visitors. Especially great for fun family holidays, Hobart's historical past and exciting future will leave lasting memories for all. Come see Tasmania and make Hobart the base for all your sightseeing adventures into this wonderful island. Hobart is one

Melbourne Tram Restaurant

Book well in advance for this very popular Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne. Take a sightseeing tour of Melbourne in an authentic 1927 tram. This is a real highlight to any time spent in Melbourne. This is not just a tourist attraction, the people of Melbourne take this dinner venue themselves as it is as good

Things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne has been called the fashion and sporting capital of Australia, but it has far more things to do than just beer, football and clothing. Melbourne has some spectacular attractions, historic buildings and fantastic things to do in and around the city. The Melbourne of today is a far cry from yesteryear. Vibrant, yet with

Canberra Balloon Festival

If your looking for something spectacular to see and fabulously exciting to actively participate in, then next March, make sure you get to Canberra for the very thrilling Festival of Balloons help between Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 March 2010. There are over 50 balloons expected to participate in the coming Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular, where