Hobart is the Tasmanian capital and is a great holiday destination for both overseas and Australian visitors. Especially great for fun family holidays, Hobart’s historical past and exciting future will leave lasting memories for all. Come see Tasmania and make Hobart the base for all your sightseeing adventures into this wonderful island.

Hobart is one of the oldest settlements of Australia and retains many heritage buildings that reflect it’s colorful history. Simply walk the streets of Hobart town and there are historic reminders of Australia’s penal past everywhere.

Nestled on the banks of the Derwent River, Hobart is one of the finest deep water anchorage found anywhere in the world.

Settlement by Europeans began in 1804 and today just over 200,000 people call Hobart their home. The city is a major tourist destination with it’s old world charm and many attractions that draw people from all over the world.

Some of the things people come to see in Tasmania are the historic ruins of Port Arthur, Australia’s notorious penal colony, the cute but ferocious Tasmanian Devil and the charm of the old buildings that have been well kept in Hobart and surrounds.

Travel a short distance out from Hobart to Richmond and Australia’s oldest bridge still stands as proudly as the day it was built. Yes, there are treasures to be found for those that really want to enjoy the best.

For the family there is nothing like a fun tour to Cadbury Chocolate Factory and a cruise on the Derwent River.

For adventure lovers a wilderness trek into the Franklin River will have you talking for years to come and we won’t mention that fishing for trout in Tasmania is the best in Australia.

Add the fabulous views from the top of Mount Wellington or a trip to wilderness of Bruny Island and you have an experience that you will never forget.

So come on down to Hobart, join the fun, take a few guided tours, enjoy delicious food and old world charm soon.\

The Best Tours in Hobart

Port Arthur Day Tour Hobart

They say ghosts wander the ruins of Port Arthur at night and you can certainly imagine that this is true, due to the brutal past of the Port Arthur convict settlement. This great Hobart to Port Arthur Bus Tour takes in all the historic sights and includes a cruise to the Isles of the Dead.

This is easily the best day tour from Hobart to Port Arthur convict ruins. Bus tour from Hobart with guided tour of Port Arthur ruins. Pay respects at Port Arthur massacre memorial, then enjoy Isle of the Dead cruise. Fantastic 8 hour bus trip Hobart to Port Arthur.

Journey some 60 kilometers south to see the ruins of the famous penal settlement of Port Arthur on this wonderful bus trip from Hobart. With an additional cruise on Carnarvon Bay to the Isle of the Dead for a 45 minute guided tour, this is certainly regarded as the premier tour to the former convict settlement.

Port Arthur began as a small timber station in 1830 and quickly grew to an important penal colony with over 1100 inmates by the mid 1840’s.

Industries such as shoemaking, smithing, timber and brick making were established and the need for convict labour was high. Unfortunately the growth lasted but a few decades and by the 1870’s less convicts were shipped to the colony and industry was stagnating.

The last convict was shipped out in 1877. Devastating fires in 1895 and again in 1897, destroyed many old buildings and gutted the penitentiary, separate prison and hospital, thus Port Arthur was transformed from a penal colony to a tourist attraction that has continued until today.

The historic site has been managed by The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority since 1987, with funding for conservation work provided by the Tasmanian Government.

This delightful tour takes you on a 90 minute guided tour of the Port Arthur historical site. After the historical walk you will be transfered to Canarvon Bay for a cruise and guided tour of the Isle of the Dead, plus a tour of the former boys prison at Point Puer.

An exceptional day tour of around an 8 hour duration. Includes hotel pickup and drop off at central hobart hotels, all entry and cruise fees. Tour operates everyday between September and April. Cost is around $135.00 per adult.

Grand Port Arthur Tour is the most popular tour of all that is available from Hobart.

Cadbury Chocolate Visitor Centre Tour Hobart

Any holiday in Tasmania must include a visit to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Hobart, to see how chocolates are made. They say there is a chocoholic hiding in all of us, so jump on board for this exceptional tour and cruise and let your chocolate wishes come true. Great opportunity to have free samples and optional buying of Cadbury Chololate at factory prices.

Nobody in their right mind would miss a chance to sample some of the best chocolates in the world and this tour jumps the long waiting queues. Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour also includes a cruise on the picturesque Derwent River.

The Cadbury chocolate company began life in 1824 as a one-man business by John Cadbury, in Birmingham, England. It quickly grew and in 1922 Cadbury Australia was created and built on a parcel of land at Claremont, Tasmania. Tasmania was chosen for the site of the factory because of the facilities near Hobart and the plentiful supply of high quality fresh milk that would be needed to make fine chocolate products.

Today the Claremont Chocolate Factory is a living legend and possibly the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of Tasmania. Everybody loves Cadbury chocolates and for good reason, they are simply delicious and you can join this fabulous Cadbury cruise tour and grab some free samples yourself.

Definitely family friendly, the Cadbury chocolate tour commences from Gray Line Terminal, Brooke Street Pier, Hobart by coach to the factory. After the tour you will board a ferry vessel for a cruise of the Derwent River back to the original departure point. Total time is around 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

Please note: Tour does not take you inside the actual factory, only access to the Cadbury chocolate factory visitor center is permitted

As this is an organised guided tour you do not have to join long queues at the factory but places are limited and the tour does sell out. Planning your trip and booking well ahead of your travel date is highly recommended.

Tours of the Cadbury Chocolate Visitor Centre operate each day between Monday to Friday. Prices start around $74 per person, children half price. Factory closes at Christmas, Easter and all public holidays.

Mt Wellington Bike Tour Hobart

This bicycle tour, down the slopes of Mt Wellington, is fabulous fun and something for all ages. Ride Diamondback mountain bikes and have the best panoramic views from Mt Wellington over Hobart in several of the best viewing areas. Great group bike ride from summit of Mt Wellington into Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Journey to the top of Mt Wellington by mini van and enjoy an exhilarating bike ride down into Hobart. This is one for those that enjoy a bit of moderate exercise and wanting to get the best views possible from this magnificent spot.

Mt Wellington towers over Hobart and is around 1270 meters high. Make sure you take some warm clothes as it can be very cold up that high, even in summer. The views from the top are fabulous and something to see in itself.

During the bicycle descent, you have the opportunity to see fabulous ferns and rainforest plants, plus stops are made for terrific scenic views of Hobart. You will ride your diamondback mountain bike back into the city via Battery Point and Salamanca Place.

All equipment will be supplied. 21-24 speed Diamondback mountain bikes are used which give an excellent comfortable ride and quality braking. Rain gear is supplied if required. The descent takes approx 3 hours all up from start to finish.

You will be part of a small group with one guide per 5 riders. A safety vehicle will follow the group down the mountain and into Hobart.

This is a popular way to see Mt Wellington and enjoy the wonderful natural surrounds. Tour prices start around $75.00 with daily tours departing morning and afternoon.

Did you know that when standing on the very summit of the Mount Wellington and looking due west, the nearest permanent human settlement that way is 11,000 kilometers away in Chile? Now that’s a bit of trivia you can enjoy when taking the Mt Wellington Bicycle Tour!

Russell Falls Tour Mt Field National Park

One of the most celebrated waterfalls in Tasmania is beautiful Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park. This bus tour takes you from Hobart to Mt Field to see Russell Falls. Fantastic bus trip to Mt Field National Park, Tasmania.

They have changed this tour around a bit, where once you went and saw Tasmanian Devils. These days the tour stops at The Salmon Ponds, Australia’s oldest trout hatchery for morning tea and trout feeding. It is still one of the best tours to Russell Falls, which is a photographers heaven.

Definitly the highlight of any tour into the Mt Field National Park is a visit to the beautiful Russell Falls.

Hidden among the giant ferns and dense rainforest of Mount Field National Park is the stunningly beautiful Russell Falls, but for those that can go that littler further, Horseshoe Falls will also give you a great experience. .

Russell Falls is an easy 10 minute walk from the visitors centre through the forest, which most visitors can undertake with ease. Just 300 meters further on are the equally beautiful Horseshoe Falls which the more energetic among the tour group may like to visit.

Along the way you will walk beneath the forest canopy and gaze at large flowering gums, giant ferns and perhaps see some of the unique wildlife that abounds in the Tasmania bush.

Mt Field National Park was the first National Park gazzetted in Tasmania and some of the trees found there are over 400 years old. Prime location to see the Tasmanian Devil in it’s natural habitat, the forest is also home to many species of Australian animals. Walk softly and there is every chance of seeing a wallaby or two.

On your way to the Mt Field National Park, the driver will stop for morning tea at the Salmon Ponds trout hatchery. You can feed trout and salmon while enjoying a cuppa and cake at the Salmon Ponds, which were constructed way back in 1860.

Take the time to learn about the difficulties of introducing trout into Australian waters way back in the 1800’s. The Salmon Ponds also has a Trout Fishing Museum and beautiful gardens, which makes this stop something special.

Russell Falls Day Tour is really a good trip and no visit to Hobart would be complete if you don’t go and take some photos at Russell Falls. Value for money.

Mount Wellington Bushwalk Adventure

Did you know that Charles Darwin climbed Mount Wellington in February 1836. You can walk in his footsteps up the slopes of Mt Wellington on this great bush walking tour from Hobart.

When Charles Darwin climbed Mt Wellington way back then, it was a rugged climb with dense undergrowth and Darwin described the Mt Wellington climb as “a severe day’s work”.

Today it is easier, as there are walking tracks that take you to the summit past some of the most unique flora found nowhere else in the world.

The trained guides know the mountain well and will give a commentary about the native plants and animals, pause at vantage points where you will have the best views over Hobart and the Derwent River and lead you up the mountain to the summit.

The approximate walking time is 2 1/2 hours. The walk is fun and challenging with lots of uphill and uneven tracks.

The Mt Wellington Bushwalking Tour includes hotel pickup from selected Hobart hotels, Transport up and down the mountain. Gourmet picnic lunch and wet weather gear if required.

Price per person starts around AUD $70.00 and the tour takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

This is the best tour of Mt Wellington as you get to see the real beauty that most people miss just driving up to the summit and back. While the walk is steep in parts, you only need moderate fitness to complete the hike as we stop often to enjoy the beauty.

* This tour is seasonal and may not be available during winter.

Huon Valley Day Tour

Visit Huon Valley Tree Tops Walk, Tahune Forest and Airwalk Boardwalk Platform on this fabulous day tour from Hobart. Costing just $155 for an 8 hour day trip, this represents great value as you drive deep into one of the most beautiful regions in Australia.

Beautiful tall trees, some of the best views in Tasmania and a great bus trip from Hobart is what you can expect on Huon Valley day tour. Depart Hobart for 8 hours of sightseeing in the beautiful Huon Valley with special time at Tahune Forest Airwalk tree top boardwalk.

Did you know that Australian Eucalypts are the largest flowering trees in the world and Huon Pines can live for over 2000 years? Fantastic facts and something to look forward to on this day tour from Hobart to Huon Valley, where you will see massive trees and amazing wildlife.

The Huon Valley is around an hours journey from Hobart and as you drive toward Geeveston you pass through the townships of Huonville and Franklin, which are nestled on the banks of the Huon River.

Once you reach the Tahune Airwalk you can stroll among the tree tops on the specially constructed boardwalk and take a walk among the forest and see massive Huon pines on the valley floor. Both walks give you fantastic opportunities to appreciated the beauty of the Tasmanian forest and see first hand how large some of these trees really are.

Huon Pine timber is worth it’s weight in gold and is highly sought after by shipbuilders and furniture makers. The Tasmania Government has protected the Huon Pine from over harvesting and controls licenses for the gathering of the timber. There are heavy fines and possible jail terms for anyone in possession of unlicensed Huon Pine timber.

At the Tahune Forest visitor centre there is an interpretive centre to explain the history and development of this unique area, a licensed cafe where you can purchase lunch and of course a souvenir shop to take home something to add to those lasting memories and great photographs that you will undoubtedly take.

Huon Valley Tour departs Hobart every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Tour duration is about 8 hours with prices starting around $155 per person. Child prices apply for children aged between 4 – 14 years inclusive.

Bruny Island Tour

Day Tour Hobart to Bruny Island, includes transport, Bruny Island Cruise, lunch. Bruny Island Wilderness Coast Tour from Hobart gives a fabulous insight into the rugged, unspoiled beauty that remains in Tasmania.

The Bruny Island day tour only operates form October to May, due to inclement weather conditions and in season, offers visitors one of the best day trips to explore and admire nature at it’s finest. Read reviews and make online bookings for the Bruny Island Wilderness Tour from Hobart.

Join this bus tour from Hobart and relax as your driver guide takes you on a informative journey to the rugged wilderness coast, some 37 km south of Hobart.

Bruny Island is one of the most unspoiled natural islands on the Australian coast and is home to over 140 species of birds, mutton bird rookeries, the rare white wallaby and the endangered pardalotes.

First stop is at Kettering, a small seaside town on the edge of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Here you will transfer to the ferry for the 15 to 20 minute crossing to Bruny Island. Enjoy the complimentary morning tea and get ready for what will be the adventure of your life.

At Adventure Bay on Bruny Island you will board the cruise vessel for one of the worlds best nature trips. the Bruny Island Cruise. See massive cliffs of The Monument, Nature’s Cathedral and get close to Breathing Rock, an explosive blow hole. (See main picture at top of page.)

Enjoy the panoramic views and wonderful spectacle of Friar Rocks, home to hundreds of Australia Fur Seals, nesting birds and other native plants and animals.

The Bruny Island Wilderness Coast Tour departs Hobart at 8.00 am daily, except Saturdays between October 01 and May 31. Duration of tour is around 9.5 hours and tour arrives back in Hobart approx 5.30 pm.

Prices start around $195.00, child prices are applicable. All transfers, Bruny Island cruise, morning tea and lunch is included.

Tasmanian Devils Tour

Tasmania Devils are such unique animals, found in the wild only in Tasmania. Extinct on mainland Australia, places such as Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre are leading the way to ensuring the survival of the cute but ferocious devil.

Board the bus to see the Tasmania Devil, quolls, wombats, kangaroos and koalas, on this fabulous day tour from Hobart to the Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre.

Formerly called Bonorong Wildlife Park, it is roughly 20 minutes drive from Hobart and is set in a delightful setting for the family to enjoy the large variety of Australian animals. You can hand feed wallabies, get a photo with a wombat or koala and see not so well known animals, such as the Pademelon and Spotted Quoll.

A Pademelon is like a miniature kangaroo found extensively throughout Tasmania. By day it makes wooded gullies and dense rainforest home and moves to open areas at night for food. It is high on the diet list of Tasmania Devils, Spotted-tail Quolls and Wedge Tail Eagles.

There is a nice cafe if you would like afternoon tea and a snack, but the main feature at Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre are the ferocious Tasmanian Devils, cute looking creatures but certainly not an animal to cuddle.

After touring the Wildlife Park you will have a stop at Richmond, one of the oldest and most historic towns in Australia. You must take a look at the Richmond Bridge, the first bridge ever built in Australia.

This is a terrific bus tour that all ages will enjoy departing Hobart every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1.30 pm.

Duration of the Tasmanian Devils Tour is 4 hours and prices start at around $85 per adult with children half price.