Fun Tours present tours and accommodation bookings at Uluru, Ayers Rock. Book Yalara, Ayers Rock Resort hotel, find interesting tours and things to see.

Most people either self drive to Ayers Rock, fly in either to Alice Springs then shuttle to Uluru, or fly direct to Ayers Rock Airport.

While Uluru is the main attraction, there are also huge rock formations at Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and a third lesser known monolith is Mt Conner.

Add to this impressive list of attractions the spectacular Kings Canyon and a holiday in the harsh outback turns to a wonderland of delightful experiences.

Accommodation in the remote areas of Australia is not plentiful and certainly not cheap. What accommodation there is, is usually very well kept, clean, comfortable and very friendly. It pays to book well ahead of your travel dates to make sure you get a reservation that suits your required itinerary.

Uluru is amazing to see at both sunrise and sunset. The changing colours are due to the amounts of mineral deposits within the rocks of Central Australia. Colours change from brown to pink to red to purple, this is what thousands come to see each year.

But there is so much more to Uluru than watching the changing colours.

There are guided tours around the base with aboriginal guides, moonlight dinner at the restaurant in the desert, tours to nearby Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta, helicopter flights and the Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Perhaps you would like to climb Ayers Rock or take a camel ride at sunset. Yes, there are many things to do which could take 3 or 4 days, so plan your itinerary and then book ahead.

How do you get to Uluru?

Ayers Rock is some 460 kilometres distance from Alice Springs and you can take the daily shuttle bus from the Rock to Alice Springs, with some marvellous free sightseeing along the way.

The bus is a luxury air-conditioned coach, so you will travel the distance in comfort.

The Ayers Rock to Alice Springs shuttle bus will save you lots of money, even if you are just travelling to Alice Springs to fly straight out.

It’s a good trip and the best thing about it is you can save money by organising your own travel and discount flights to and from Alice Springs, as flights into or out of Ayers Rock Airport are expensive.

Sit back and watch the fascinating desert terrain as you travel in air-conditioned comfort between Ayers Rock and Alice Springs.

There’s not much you can do along the way than perhaps counting kangaroos, so plan to have a good book, a fully charged iPad or an interesting partner who can talk the ears off a magpie to make the time fly past.

It’s not that bad and if you think about the money you are saving, instead of flying out directly from Ayers Rock Airport, the time will pass quickly.

The daily shuttle bus is the affordable transfer option between the two Central Australian towns and provides a unique sightseeing tour while travelling the desert highway.

How far is Alice Springs from Uluru?

The distance between Uluru and Alice Springs is 460kms. Departing Ayers Rock Resort just after midday, the shuttle bus journey takes around 6 hours and you will arrive in Alice Springs at approx 6.30pm.

Along the way you will see Mt Conner, the third mighty monolith of the desert region, travel via Curtain Springs, Erldunda and view the magnificent West McDonnell Ranges.

Shuttle Includes (just so you don’t get too bored):

  • One-way transfer from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs
  • Shuttle Bus Touring by luxury, air-conditioned coach
  • Interesting commentary by driver
  • See the third mighty monolith of the desert, Mt Conner
  • See the West MacDonnell Ranges
  • Travel the famed Stuart Highway
  • See vast ‘Outback’ cattle stations

Things to do at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Learn Aboriginal Dot Painting Ayers Rock

Tour of Ayers Rock Aboriginal Cultural Centre with dot painting workshop. Hear of the deep meanings of aboriginal customs and learn the art of dot painting.

Dot paintings tell a story handed down through the years by tribal elders or something the artist themselves have experienced. The painting depicts the fabulous bond between the land, native animals and the people. This is something very profound and a last memory of your time at Uluru Ayers Rock.

This tour will certainly delight the artist that lies within. You will be taken from your Ayers Rock Resort accommodation to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre where the Anangu people will show you their ways and teach you the art of traditional Dot Painting.

Aboriginal dot paintings tell stories of meaning, usually from the artists memory. They could depict hunting or gathering of food, stories related by elders and remembered by the particular artist or stories from the Dreamtime.

Dot paintings usually have traditional aboriginal symbols within the paintings many thousands of dots and it is these symbols that give deep meaning to the paintings.

You will be shown how to compose a dot painting yourself and use the materials to paint your own which you take as a memento of the most ancient art.

The Aboriginal dot painting workshop is a wonderful opportunity to gain a first hand insight into the proud culture of the Anangu people, their customs and beliefs.

Dot Painting Ayers Rock Workshop Includes:

  • Ayers Rock hotel pick up and drop off
  • Painting materials and information sheets
  • Transportation in air-conditioned vehicles
  • Aboriginal Language Interpreter

Eat at the Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock Dinner in Desert

Sounds of Silence is an outback restaurant in an Australian bush setting out from Ayers Rock Resort. The setting is also one of the best vantage points to witness the changing colours of Ayers Rock as the sun sets. Sounds like heaven and in reality is pretty close to paradise.

Having dinner in the desert with stars as the ceiling and nothing but the sound of didgeridoo music playing in the distance, is one of the most moving experiences you can have in this far away location at Uluru. You feel part of the earth, at peace with nature. Can make the hairs on your neck stand up and give you goosebumps.

Watch the sunset on Uluru, Ayers Rock, at the unique Sounds of Silence Restaurant. Have moonlight dinner in the desert with all inclusive menu of Australian delicacies.

This is one of the most popular activities at Ayers Rock Resort and it is wise to book ahead to ensure your table.

Depending on numbers, it is probable that you will share a table at Sounds of Silence outdoor restaurant with other tourists. It is an outdoor restaurant in the desert, therefore dress neat and casual for the conditions.

Having dinner in the desert with stars as the ceiling and nothing but the sound of didgeridoo music playing in the distance, is one of the most moving experiences you can have in this far away location at Uluru. You feel part of the earth, at peace with nature. Can make the hairs on your neck stand up and give you goosebumps.

With canapes and champagne when you arrive and delicious menu of Australian cuisine including gourmet BBQ of kangaroo, barramundi and buffalo, you have the ideal setting to watch the sun go down on both Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta in the distance.

You can have unlimited drinks at the open bar which compliments the awesome gourmet food. This really is an evening you will remember forever.

As darkness falls you will enjoy a talk by a local astronomer as the night sky fills with natural illumination from millions of stars. Having dinner in the desert is a special experience and one which you should not miss.

Desert Dinner Inclusions:

  • Didgeridoo welcome music
  • Canapes, beer, wines, non alcoholic beverages
  • Buffet BBQ dinner, tea, coffee and port
  • Star talk and star gazing
  • Lasting memories

Uluru Rock Camel Ride Tour

One thing you must do in the desert is take a camel ride. This fabulous camel ride tour departs at 3 different times to ensure everybody can experience a ride on an outback camel while at Uluru.

It is awesome to have the choice of 3 different camel rides with a sunrise ride to watch the changing colours of Uluru, sunset ride and one during the day through the Australian desert. This is a very popular tour and places are limited, so book well ahead.

The Sunrise camel ride begins about an hour before sunrise. You ride through the bush to a fabulous area from which to watch the fascinating colour change of Uluru. After the ride enjoy bush billy tea and home baked damper, (bush camp cooked bread).

The Camel Express ride begins mid morning and is a wonderful journey through some of the most spectacular bushland, with great views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Learn about the local fauna and flora from the camel drivers and have a cool glass of champagne or beer and bush snacks at the end of the ride.

Sundown Camel Ride. Finally the last of the camel rides depart just before sundown so you can be in a prime position to watch the setting sun make wonderful hues across Uluru. The changing colours are due to the high concentration of minerals within the rock and the colours are amazing.

As you can see, there is a camel ride that will best suit everyone’s individual time, budget and itinerary. Book your Ayers Rock camel ride ahead online to ensure you experience something unique in the Australian desert.

Take a scenic Helicopter Flight

To fully appreciated the size of Ayers Rock and Olgas, you must see these great monoliths from the air. Book a scenic helicopter flight over Ayers Rock and The Olgas online.

With several flights from which to choose, you can be assured that there are helicopter flights over Ayers Rock tailored to suit all budgets. This is one tour you really must do.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta Helicopter Flight

There is a choice of three different helicopter flights over Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Each flight has it’s own flight path which differs from the other and all include transfers from Ayers Rock Resort accommodation to the Helipad.

Rock Blasting Helicopter Tour (15 minutes)

This is the shortest helicopter flight and of course the cheapest. You fly over Ayers Rock Resort and Uluru. From the air you will see how enormous Uluru really is and appreciate why Ayers Rock is such a loved and revered place to both the aboriginal people and all Australians.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta Helicopter Flight (30 minutes)
This helicopter ride also takes in the massive Ayers Rock plus you fly across to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).

The Olgas also hold deep significance for the Anangu people with the highest rock in the 36 domes being Mt Olga, which is actually some 200 meters higher than Ayers Rock.

Extended Uluru and Kata Tjuta Helicopter Flight (36 minutes)

This flight is a little longer again and not only takes in Uluru and The Olgas, you will have more opportunity to take fabulous photographs of both attractions and more air time to fully appreciated the vastness of the Australian Desert.

Uluru Observatory Tour

Ayers Rock Observatory Tour with expert astrologer to show you the stars through powerful telescopes. This is a wonderful night star show in the Australian desert. Check with your Ayers Rock accommodation tour desk for availablity of this tour.

The desert skies are fabulous at night, and the desert is a place where you are englfed beneath a canopy of twinking stars so bright, that you can use them as illumination to see where you are going.

The stars seem to be brighter in the desert because there are no city lights to dull their appearance. Here is the perfect spot to see the constellations and have an expert astrologer point out the the more recognizable objects in the night sky and perhaps some Nebulae activity may be visible through the telescopes.
(Astro photo courtesy of Matties-shoes photostream.)

The astronomer will lead you through the skies, through our galaxy and beyond, showing you many wonderful constellations and Galaxies, also explaining how to use the stars as navigation, especially how to find South using the Southern Cross.

Sessions are conducted in English plus there is one session in Japanese.

Check at your accommodation tour desk for the availability of this tour. There are times that this is not available and online bookings are not provided.

Uluru Cave Hill Tour

3 day 2 night tour in the magical Australian desert region of Ayers Rock. Join the Anangu tribe for guided tours of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, (the Olgas), and enjoy a special camping night at Cave Hill, which is possibly the most significant art site in Central Australia.

Visiting Uluru Ayers Rock is just one of the must do things to see and this Cultural Icons Tour takes you to a place where the mainstream tourist doesn’t go.

Join the Anangu Tribe at Cave Hill, camp out in the desert for a night, learn the local laws and stories, see aboriginal paintings made by the traditional owners of this desert wonderland.

The first time you see Uluru Ayers Rock, the way all tourists do, is one of the most marvelous experiences on this earth, but to gain the knowledge of the Anangu people and learn of the significance of the rock to these people is something that many don’t have the opportunity to hear.

Day one takes you to the mystical domes of Kata Tjuta, Olgas, to admire natures wonder and walk among this land that time has forgotten. All the land is sacred to the Aboriginal people and Kata Tjuta has a special place in their Dreamtime. Walk among the sacred domes and enjoy the harsh yet beautiful environment.

On the second day of the tour after viewing Uluru at sunrise and a tour of the base, you travel to Cave Hill, where you won’t be just a guest of the Anangu people, you will become a student of their culture and storyline. Join in with their people and see fabulous cave paintings.

Enjoy camping out with the stars as your ceiling and hear of stories of the creation. This is something that most tourists do not get to experience and is something to remember for all time.

Check with your tour desk at the Ayers Rock Resort to book this tour.

Uluru Package Tour

Ayers Rock package tour for 3 days 2 nights Uluru to Alice Springs tour. Includes hotel rooms Ayers Rock & Kings Canyon, all travel, National Park fees and guided tours. Commence tour at Ayers Rock, conclude in Alice Springs.

This is an extended tour that takes you from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs over three days, through some of the most interesting and remote areas in Central Australia.

You organize your arrival into Ayers Rock, plus your Alice Springs accommodation and departure on the final day and let us take care of all the travel and accommodation on this awesome Uluru to Alice Springs tour. This is a good package tour where you will see all the icons of the Red Centre.

Your journey begins when you arrive at Ayers Rock Airport where you are greeted and taken to your chosen hotel accommodation at the Ayers Rock Resort. After settling in you will be taken to see the 36 rocky domes of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), take a walk in this amazing area and then see the sunset on Uluru at a special viewing location.

Day 2 and you are collected before sunrise to watch the changing colours of Uluru, then after breakfast a guided walk around the base to Mutitjulu waterhole. You may choose to climb Ayers Rock unguided. Later visit the Cultural Centre and Maruku Arts and Craft Cooperative. After lunch travel some 160 kms to Kings Canyon and book into the Kings Canyon Resort.

Day 3 you take a tour and guided walk to the rim of Kings Canyon for views of the surrounding countryside. Walk through the eerie rock formations of the ‘Lost City’ and down into the lush ‘Garden of Eden’.

You do need a relative medium level of fitness for the 3 hour rim walk. There is an easier walk down in the canyon floor available for those that are not so fit.

In the afternoon travel by luxury coach to Alice Springs arriving around 6.30 pm.

Please note. You must arrange your own travel to Ayers Rock Airport and your accommodation or departure travel at Alice Springs. We suggest to do this before booking this 3 day package tour to make sure your schedule is properly arranged prior to booking.